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Rural Water Supply at Chris Green Lake

To Dale Deane, Phillip Caudle, Matt Coffey, Reilly McCann, Keith Shifflett, Calvin Butler, Kevin Carter, Andy Soccodato, The tanker drivers from Scottsville Fire, Dyke Fire, North Garden Fire, Crozet Fire I say thank you for a great, great day. With a group of 20 students these folks worked through several different scenarios causing us to have some great results.

Using 4 portable pumps and a brush truck these folks provided 1500 gallons per minute of water from a lake to be relay pumped for use.

They set up and ran a 1.5mile water shuttle sustaining 1000 gallons per minute of flow for well over an hour.

These people used tools and equipment that we have available to us every day and clearly demonstrated that all it takes is a little effort to have great results.

Thank you to all of you.

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